5 Reasons Your Business Needs an Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is one of the most vital documents your business can compile, and should be part of every new hire’s employment package. An employee handbook will not only ensure that both employees and management understand the standards you’ve set for your company, but it will also make clear your company’s mission statement, which includes the values you’ve set for your company, something that is becoming increasingly important in today’s era of value-driven marketing.

No matter how small your company might be, an employee handbook serves as a tool that’s valuable for employees who need to understand not only the rules of your company and what is expected of them – dress code, sexual harassment reporting policies, etc., – it also makes certain that everyone who is part of your company understands what they can expect from your company in return for their work, which will hopefully generate a stronger sense of belonging for everyone who is part of your firm.

The following are some smart reasons why an employee handbook should be one of the first documents you create for your company.

1. An employee handbook sets the tone for your company’s culture, and gives new employees goals to strive for so that they better understand how to fit into their new place of employment.

2. An employee handbook puts in writing what you expect of your employees, including dress code, safety regulations, and job responsibilities. Important corporate policies – such as policies about dating co-workers, for example – will be clearly outlined so you will have something in writing to fall back on if an employee questions company policy.

3. An employee handbook is a good place to outline employee benefits, whether that includes holiday and vacation time, health insurance, sick days, family leave policies, and workers’ compensation claims. You can also include what makes an employee eligible for those benefits.

4. Pay raises, performance reviews, promotion policies, and training possibilities such as classes and seminars are important parts of any employee handbook. Workers will know what to expect and will understand that if they invest more in their education, they will be more likely to receive more positive performance reviews and/or promotions.

5. Your employee handbook will not only serve as a guide to help employees understand how to respond to situations such as employee conflicts or workplace bullying, it also provides space to showcase the ways that your company is in compliance with state and federal regulations such as family medical leave and military leave for active-duty servicepeople.

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