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It’s time to even the playing field with a team dedicated to your success. Attorney Christine Ferraris’s career as a world-class athlete exemplifies the firm’s dedication and commitment to clients. The firm works collaboratively with clients to navigate challenges and strategize for success. Choose an attorney who has the dedication and drive to partner with you as you navigate the challenges of running a business.



I had the pleasure of working with Christine and her assistant, Betsy, on a landlord/tenant dispute. I was the tenant and felt that funds were improperly held from my security deposit when I left a property. From the very beginning, Christine was sym… Read more
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How We Partner With You

How We Partner With You:

Business Legal Services

Business Legal Services.

Whether you need help starting a business, creating a business succession plan, or enforcing a legal agreement, A. Ferraris Law offers a personal approach.

Customer Fraud

Consumer Fraud

Consumer fraud can happen to anyone. If you believe a business or individual has misrepresented or treated you unfairly, please seek experienced legal counsel who is dedicated to helping you.

Business Fraud

Business Fraud

When fraud impacts your business, it can often be difficult to know what to do. Whatever your case may be, it’s important to respond quickly with effective legal action.

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Latest Blogs

Latest Blogs

  • Do you know who buys the debt you owe?

    Do you know who buys the debt you owe?

    Debt buyers purchase debts from original creditors, intermediaries, or other debt buyers. Debt buyers come in various shapes and sizes. There are many small debt buyers, but most collection lawsuits are brought by BIG debt buyers, large corporations that do business on a large scale, often collecting debts under multiple names, like Sherman Financial Group, […]Read More
  • A Buy-Sell Agreement, Why a Business Should Have One.

    A Buy-Sell Agreement, Why a Business Should Have One.

    1. It is the plan to follow for the sale of the business. A business Buy-Sell agreement is the legal succession plan for selling a business. Buy-sell agreements can provide a reliable exit plan for business partners when they no longer want to have a stake in the company. 2. A Buy-Sell Agreement allows for […]Read More
  • New Car Warranties

    New Car Warranties

    Generally speaking, automotive manufacturer warranties are based on the vehicle identification number (VIN). The warranty will transfer even if the vehicle is sold to another owner. Of course, you should check the written warranty terms, because for some components. the warranty period may be reduced when the vehicle is sold.  Always check the small print […]Read More

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