Contract negotiations

Christine Anderson provided invaluable advice in contract negotiations. We had made an offer on several acres of land and had 30 days to perform due diligence. We were having difficulty obtaining and interpreting documents regarding legal descriptions of the lot and applicable easements. We had thought the Title Company would provide all the information we needed but more was required. Christine helped us to find and, very importantly, to interpret essential documents. She additionally reviewed and advised us on the purchase contract. We were then able to proceed with confidence. In a sequel to our land purchase, we were selecting among architects to design our new home. The contract was an important element in our decision so we sought Christine’s advice once again. She reviewed contracts, interpreted terms and gave us invaluable advice. With her aid, we were able to make fully informed decisions and we are very comfortable with our contract. Our next step will be a construction contract and we will not proceed without her.

– Contract Negotiations

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