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At A. Ferraris Law, P.L.L.C., we deliver business legal services with a personal touch — and our clients notice the difference. To see their comments for yourself, feel free to browse through the testimonials below.

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I searched for an attorney to help me resolve an issue with a large auto dealership that submitted a fraudulent loan application. I didn’t find out this had happened until the credit union reviewed my application with me. It was difficult to resolve on my own with the credit union and the Attorney General alone, and finding an attorney to help wasn’t easy either. Christine took my case. As a consumer, we are made to feel like our efforts are useless when it comes to fraud claims against large corporations, but she was undeterred and made me feel like there was hope. In the end, the offending party had to take responsibility and I was satisfied with the end result. She will fight for you and knows the laws and protections afforded to consumers, and don’t believe that you are the little guy with her in your corner!
- Anonymous

Christine is very professional and knowledgeable.
- SG

Christine and her crew were very helpful and responsive throughout our working together. I really appreciated the willingness to help and to do research on my behalf.
- Owen Daly-Forseth

Christine and her firm helped me draft a petition for presumptive death. I contacted several lawyers before I found one that was willing/able to help. Some states have example petitions or forms online, but Arizona does not. The process took a little over two months from first contact to a court-ready document including the time it took me to understand and sign the retention agreement. I provided the firm with all the evidence necessary for the petition. I think it helps to do as much homework as you can before you contact a lawyer. They employ a web portal that facilitates encrypted transmission of documents and messages. Most of the communication occurred over that channel except the document was emailed to me. The advantage of that is that the document is accessible even if my access to the web portal is terminated, but like all email, it's not protected with encryption. I was quite pleased with the result and their performance. The only surprise I encountered was being billed for questions that I emailed after they emailed me the document. In hindsight, this seems fair as it does take time and effort to answer questions.
- Randall B Smith

I had to have major surgery and at the last minute, I was called by the surgeon's office to review final questions before the surgery. One question was if I had a living will and/or a health care directive. I said NO and immediately panicked. This was 2 days before my surgery! I called Christine and she got right on it. I was emailed forms that evening and Christine came to my house the next day with all of the paperwork and also brought a witness and a notary public. We signed all of the documents and got everything in place, literally the day before my surgery. (This is something that normally takes at least a week to accomplish) Though I was extremely stressed and anxious about the surgery itself, I was so relieved to know that I had all of the proper documents in place, just in case. Thank you so much Christine!

We were caught between a builder, a bank and the government. Christine helped us resolve the issues and we were able to recover many of our losses and get on with our lives. I believe we would have been left with nothing but bad memories had Christine and "Betsy" not been there to help us. They truly put in the effort and were willing to make certain their help was affordable for us. I sincerely thank them a lot. You would be hard pressed to find someone that will work harder for you. I truly recommend them if you're needing legal help.
- Del

Christine and her team were outstanding and professional. Highly recommend.


We wrote a demand letter and like magic our trade in was paid off and the financing on the new truck went through.  There has been zero contact since, I think they just want us to go away now.  I think dropping Christine’s name did the trick.  Thank you so much for your help.  If anything else comes of this we definitely will be contacting you.

Thanks again.

BP and MP

I had the pleasure of working with Christine and her assistant, Betsy, on a landlord/tenant dispute. I was the tenant and felt that funds were improperly held from my security deposit when I left a property. From the very beginning, Christine was sympathetic, consultative, and responsive. Betsy frequently and consistently followed-up to ensure I was aware of every step and update during the process. Ultimately, the issue was settled in my favor. These two make an awesome team and I would recommend and use them again and again without hesitation!

Daniel S

Christine and the entire staff were totally professional, extremely proficient, and very compassionate with regard to both parties. This particular case (a construction issue) was rather obscure and not necessarily cut and dry. It required patience, research, and civility on both sides. I’m forever grateful with the manner in which it was handled. Thank you for the level of civility and kindness all around. May we all live in peace.

Michael F.

To say Christine is passionate about her clients is an extreme understatement. I had problems with a new employer. They verbally extended one salary but my offer letter indicated that I had agreed to something much less. Christine is a class act, meticulous, focused, and purposeful about getting you what you deserve and not satisfied merely getting what you need. Ms. Anderson Ferraris provides excellent advice, takes pride in her work, and successfully works with you to make the process as painless as possible. Chris was able to procure the promised salary and was I offered a promotion to stay! I highly recommend and value her counsel!


Christine is an excellent and knowledgeable consumer advocate. We had been having a dispute with a company regarding a loss we had incurred due to their negligence. The discussion had been going on for many months; settlement was offered and withdrawn etc. We asked Christine for advice. She read the documentation, explained various terms and, very importantly, alerted us to how onerous certain conditions of the settlement could be depending on future interpretation. Based on her advice, we stood our ground and ultimately obtained an entirely satisfactory settlement.

Consumer protection

Christine provided a consultation regarding my business after I reached out to her regarding an issue I was looking to resolve. She got back to me the same day that I reached out to her and we scheduled a call where she provided a recommendation to reach out to local professionals. She has also been willing to share referrals for other contacts of mine that have needed legal advice, and to help out whether or not her direct services are applicable. I would highly recommend Christine as a lawyer who is honest and full of integrity — someone who truly has the best interests of people in mind.

Responsive and good advice

Christine Anderson provided invaluable advice in contract negotiations. We had made an offer on several acres of land and had 30 days to perform due diligence. We were having difficulty obtaining and interpreting documents regarding legal descriptions of the lot and applicable easements. We had thought the Title Company would provide all the information we needed but more was required. Christine helped us to find and, very importantly, to interpret essential documents. She additionally reviewed and advised us on the purchase contract. We were then able to proceed with confidence. In a sequel to our land purchase, we were selecting among architects to design our new home. The contract was an important element in our decision so we sought Christine’s advice once again. She reviewed contracts, interpreted terms and gave us invaluable advice. With her aid, we were able to make fully informed decisions and we are very comfortable with our contract. Our next step will be a construction contract and we will not proceed without her.

Contract negotiations

Christine was super helpful, very understanding and made us feel like she really cared about our situation. She is extremely knowledgeable, and worked diligently on our case. Her response times, attention to detail and passion for what she does, was superb. She was literally a beacon of light in the tough trial my husband and I had to face. She is very well-informed in regards to auto fraud situations. We highly recommend her!

Auto Purchase Matter

Christine achieved the results I asked for in my case.  She went above and beyond to make sure everything was done on a very tight time schedule.  Christine consulted with me on a regular basis and provided insight and advice on how to handle my case.  Christine was professional, approachable and dependable.

Mike P

The FERRARIS Law Group really demonstrates passion for what they do. The office staff were very nice and they make you feel at home. All in all a great experience. I work at the biggest Toyota dealership in town and we know quality and value. I carry Christine A. Ferraris’s card with me in case of anything. She will assist if she can or guide me in the right direction to another firm that can. Thank you again for everything you did.


From the very beginning, Christine made me feel incredibly at ease. In the midst of a very stressful situation, it was so wonderful to have an attorney who made me feel like they really cared about me as a person. It’s rare to find an attorney who is not only incredibly professional and efficient but truly cares about her clients. I highly recommend Christine. I feel incredibly lucky to have found her and have my case resolved with support every step of the way.


Christine is thoughtful and thorough. She is personable, polite and well spoken. Her professionalism inspires confidence.

Ken N.

Christine is smart, honest, professional, dedicated, and loyal – she is a great lawyer and an amazing person !

Olga M.

To say Christine is passionate about her clients is an extreme understatement. She is a class act, meticulous, focused, and purposeful about getting you what you deserve and not satisfied merely getting what you need. Ms. Anderson Ferraris provides excellent advice, takes pride in her work, and successfully works with you to make the process as painless as possible. I highly recommend and value her counsel!

Catrina C.

Christine had been a co-worker of mine. She is very professional and knowledgeable in various areas of law. She took control of a case heading to trial and provided me with the direction I needed to assist with the case in a timely manner. Christine’s work ethic displays nothing but professionalism and getting results done. I would definitely recommend family and friends to Christine for her services. In hiring her, you will find someone who takes a personal interest and responsive.

Barbara V.

Christine is very conscientious. She takes her client’s interest very much to heart. Her legal judgement seems quite sound and consistent. She’s also a pleasure to interact with.

Ross Z.

Christine is highly responsive and cares about her clients. She values honesty and integrity and puts her effort behind protecting and helping those who have been wronged.

Janice D.

My wife and I own an import and distribution company. A few years ago we were blind-sided when an ex-business partner suddenly tried to steal our half of a business deal by tying us up in a long legal battle over his fraudulent claims. Fortunately for us, we began working with Christine Anderson, who guided us through the long painful process of dealing with courts and unscrupulous litigants. Christine’s experience, knowledge, persistence and professional demeanor kept us in the game until we finally came out with a satisfactory conclusion. Our case was complex and layered and when there was an area of law that needed further expertise, Christine would research and find the additional help we needed. Our business is thriving today and we are forever grateful to Christine for helping us navigate the legal quagmire we were in. We strongly recommend Christine Anderson to anyone in need of professional legal services.

Daniel C.

My partners and I hired Attorney Christine Anderson to take our case in retrieving funds from our clients. She was very professional and efficient and helped the procedure go very smoothly. From the first meeting, we immediately became aware of her integrity and commitment, and moreover the passion she exudes from her work. She had a good understanding and any concerns we raised were immediately addressed. She responded to our emails and phone calls in a timely manner. She was prompt in updating us on the status of the case. I recommend her without reservation. She is an excellent Attorney.

Excellent attorney

Ms. Anderson helped us set up agreements and forms for our business. She is very thorough and knowledgeable and brought up several issues that we had missed entirely. She was very prompt in completing the work and her fees were most reasonable. She is pleasant and courteous to work with and is simply a nice human being.

Conscientious and Thorough Attorney

Christine Anderson is the most diligent, dedicated and resourceful attorney I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She came to our legal situation late in the game after we had made the mistake of hiring a larger but much less reliable firm. Despite incredible complexities and complications associated with the case Christine turned things around and helped us to settle the case in a way that was fair and favorable to our concerns.

Strongly Recommend
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