Daniel C.

My wife and I own an import and distribution company. A few years ago, we were blind-sided when an ex-business partner suddenly tried to steal our half of a business deal by tying us up in a long legal battle over his fraudulent claims. Fortunately for us, we began working with Christine Anderson, who guided us through the long, painful process of dealing with courts and unscrupulous litigants. Christine’s experience, knowledge, persistence, and professional demeanor kept us in the game until we finally came to a satisfactory conclusion. Our case was complex and layered, and when there was an area of law that needed further expertise, Christine would research and find the additional help we needed. Our business is thriving today, and we are forever grateful to Christine for helping us navigate the legal quagmire we were in. We strongly recommend Christine Anderson to anyone in need of professional legal services.

– Daniel C.

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