Have you made an emergency plan yet?

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“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.” – Mother Teresa

Do you have an emergency plan?

I am prompted by a close call at our home several weeks ago when the palm trees in Agua Caliente Park caught fire with a lightning strike. In the middle of the afternoon, I looked out my office window and saw high flames in the air a short distance away. Fortunately, it had rained the day before and was raining again when the trees caught fire. So, the fire didn’t travel as it would likely have with the hot, dry days typical of Tucson. The Rural Metro fire department successfully put it out pretty quickly! Thank you, Rural Metro! We were mainly unscathed, with only burn marks on our roof and patio furniture from flying hot ash.

Though it could have been much worse, little harm came to our neighbors or us. We needed to get an emergency plan in place. Ready.gov is an excellent website you can use as a resource to help you create an emergency plan and kit. I also encourage you to think of how you might re-establish yourself in a temporary location. For example, could you contact other business owners and offer to support each other should those among you need to evacuate? I am grateful to have a better grasp of what to do should we need to respond to a surprise from Mother Nature. We’d love your suggestions for planning or items to include in an emergency kit. You can share your ideas by emailing info@aferrarislaw.com, and we will share them with our community.

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