Phil Dominguez

Christine and her team were amazing! Christine is extremely knowledgeable and really helpful. She kept in communication the whole time without ever leaving me with a thought of “what’s going on?”. Christine was thorough and detailed throughout the whole process, I really appreciated that. The monthly case updates sent out are great. Without Christine, I do not believe I would have had the outcome I did. I am grateful Read More

Jori Konrad

I got 100 percent satisfaction with my case. I was very happy with all aspects of how Christine handled things. She was very knowledgeable and approachable during the entire time. I came to think of her as a friend, not just "the attorney". I highly recommend her and have referred her to my friends for legal guidance. - Jori Konrad Read More


I searched for an attorney to help me resolve an issue with a large auto dealership that submitted a fraudulent loan application. I didn’t find out this had happened until the credit union reviewed my application with me. It was difficult to resolve on my own with the credit union and the Attorney General alone, and finding an attorney to help wasn’t easy either. Christine took my case. As a consumer, we are made to Read More


Christine is very professional and knowledgeable. - SG Read More

Owen Daly-Forseth

Christine and her crew were very helpful and responsive throughout our working together. I really appreciated the willingness to help and to do research on my behalf. - Owen Daly-Forseth Read More

Randall B. Smith

Christine and her firm helped me draft a petition for presumptive death. I contacted several lawyers before I found one that was willing/able to help. Some states have example petitions or forms online, but Arizona does not. The process took a little over two months from first contact to a court-ready document including the time it took me to understand and sign the retention agreement. I provided the firm with all Read More


Christine and her team were outstanding and professional. Highly recommend. - Cesar Read More

BP and MP

We wrote a demand letter and like magic our trade in was paid off and the financing on the new truck went through.  There has been zero contact since, I think they just want us to go away now.  I think dropping Christine's name did the trick.  Thank you so much for your help.  If anything else comes of this we definitely will be contacting you. Thanks again. - BP and MP Read More

Jeff Wiese

I had to have major surgery and at the last minute, I was called by the surgeon's office to review final questions before the surgery. One question was if I had a living will and/or a health care directive. I said NO and immediately panicked. This was 2 days before my surgery! I called Christine and she got right on it. I was emailed forms that evening and Christine came to my house the next day with all of the Read More


We were caught between a builder, a bank and the government. Christine helped us resolve the issues and we were able to recover many of our losses and get on with our lives. I believe we would have been left with nothing but bad memories had Christine and "Betsy" not been there to help us. They truly put in the effort and were willing to make certain their help was affordable for us. I sincerely thank them a lot. You Read More

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